3 Essential Tools for Finding Affordable Business Class Seats

Business class seats often give travelers more comfort when flying to their destination, with larger seats, more personalized service, airport lounge access, and better food. But all those perks come at a price — business class seats can easily cost thousands of dollars. 

Thankfully, some services and websites make it much easier to find deals on business class seats that won’t break the bank or max out your credit card. Here are three of the best ones. 

1. Skyscanner 

Cost: Free

Skyscanner consistently ranks among one of the best platforms to find flight deals. Whether you use the mobile app or the Skyscanner website, it’s easy to find inexpensive flights, even for business class. Travel guide website Frommer’s said Skyscanner found the cheapest flight 13 times out of 28, and recommends that travelers always check the site first before booking elsewhere. 

I found a roundtrip, non-stop business class flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to New York City, New York for $424, which included the ticket price plus taxes and fees. That’s not too shabby for a business class seat.

You can also set up price alerts within the app so you never miss a great deal. Skyscanner also lists the prices of airfares on a monthly calendar, similar to Google Flights, making it easier to select the best date at the lowest price. 

2. Going 

Cost: $199 annually for Elite membership

Don’t skip over this one just because you have to pay for it! Sure, free is nice, especially when you’re already trying to save money on airline tickets. But a $199 Going Elite subscription could quickly pay for itself after booking just one flight, and you can even try it free for 14 days. 

There is a free version of Going, but the Elite subscription allows you to get premium economy, business class, and first-class deals. All you have to do is decide where you want to go and Going keeps track of 900 destinations worldwide, searches for the best deals, and then notifies you when it finds them.

One example the company gives on its website is for a deal it found an Elite member flying from Chicago to Paris for just $699…a 65% discount.  

The Elite tier gives you lots of perks, including custom alerts for 10 destinations, international deals, mistake fares from U.S. airports, and the ability to use travel points and miles on business class seats. 

3. Dollar Flight Club 

Cost: $168 annually for Premium Plus membership 

Dollar Flight Club is another great option for travelers looking for amazing deals on business class and premium economy tickets. The company’s Premium Plus membership will set you back $168 annually, but Dollar Flight Club says the average savings on a Premium Plus flight deal is over $700. I’m no math whiz, but I’m pretty sure that adds up to big savings. 

The company lists a few business class tickets that have previously seen huge price drops, including a roundtrip flight to Spain for just $1,250…discounted from $3,700.

The membership gives you access to mistake fares and discounted domestic and international flights from four departure airports. In addition to deals on business class tickets, Premium Plus members receive priority support so you can contact Dollar Flight Club with any travel questions.

Another way to save money when booking business-class tickets

Subscribing to a service that curates the best business class deals could be a great way to save money on your next trip. But another great way is by staying flexible. 

For example, choosing multiple destinations or different departure locations opens up more opportunities to find great deals. It may also help to leave on a different day than you originally planned. The more flexible your schedule is, the better your chance of finding a great business class seat.

Once you score a great deal on your business class seat, be sure to post your travel pictures to social media for all of us who are writing about traveling instead of, well, traveling. On second thought, just tell us how it was when you get back. 

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