A new report says more than half of the Vision Pro-only apps are paid downloads

The Vision Pro AR/VR headset launched recently, with more than 600 apps available. Now, a new report indicates that half of the Vision Pro-only apps are paid downloads.
The report comes from Appfigures, an app intelligence firm, which says 52 percent of Vision Pro-only apps in the VisionOS store are paid downloads. 35 percent don’t monetize through the App Store, and the remaining 13 percent monetize with subscriptions.
This is quite the contrast compared to the App Store, where paid apps reportedly only make up an extremely small five percent of apps.
Switching the tables to apps that are available for iPhone/iPad and have added a native Vision Pro experience changes the situation quite remarkably. With only 17 percent being a paid download, 25 percent not monetizing on the App Store, and the final 58 percent monetizing with subscriptions.
Taking into consideration the 52 percent of Vision Pro-only apps being paid downloads, it seems developers who are embracing the new headset are primarily focusing on paid downloads for monetization rather than free downloads or in-app subscriptions.
It will be interesting to see how or if this data changes as the Vision Pro attracts more users and developers in the months and years to come. It will also be interesting to see the impact the Vision Pro launch in Canada and other countries around the globe has on the VisionOS App Store.
Perhaps if the device becomes more mainstream, and when presumed later iterations are released down the road, the VisionOS App Store will change quite a bit. Apple reportedly thinks the Vision Pro is still four generations idea away from being in an “ideal form.”
Some companies are not even developing Vision Pro apps yet like Netflix and Spotify. YouTube recently confirmed a Vision Pro app is on its roadmap.
Source: Appfigures Via: TechCrunch

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