Apple Maps was the unexpected Super Bowl winner

The Kansas City Chiefs may have won a dramatic Super Bowl LVIII and Swifties got their big moment with the on-field kiss with her boo Travis Kelce, while Dunkin’ Donuts provided the commercial everyone’s talking about.

However, Apple had a sneaky good night too. The Apple Music half-time show was an absolute stormer, complete with Usher on roller skates and a super cameo from Alicia Keys.

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And even Apple Maps had a moment in the sun, as revealed by Apple’s marketing bod Greg Joswiak on Twitter prior to the game. As you can see below, those searching for Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium in Apple Maps got a little great little 3D show that took them right inside site of the big game.

The 3D showcase was a sign of just how far Apple has come since the early days of Apple Maps when its launch in iOS 6 in 2012 as a major new feature made the company a laughing stock.

Poorly-rendered graphics, missing landmarks, and tales of the turn-by-turn directions guiding drivers onto airport runways represented a rare Apple fiasco and cost the then head of iOS Scott Forstall his job. After those early missteps, Apple faced a battle with iPhone users to convince them to abandon the long-trusted Google Maps app.

However, more recent features like some some of the applications of augmented reality, offline maps, the Street View-esque Look Around feature, ETA sharing, and parked car notifications have been helpful to iPhone users.

Not everyone’s impressed though. Have a day off, Patrick mate…

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