Another Spy Balloon? US Military Monitors High-Altitude Moving Object After Fighter Aircraft Dispatch

The U.S. military is currently monitoring a small, high-altitude balloon as it travels across the nation. The balloon initially spotted over the Western U.S., has been declared non-threatening to national security.What Happened: The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) confirmed the detection of the balloon, which is floating at an altitude between 43,000 and 45,000 … Read more

Rust programming language: A beginner’s guide

Writing for MIT Technology Review recently, Clive Thompson described Rust as ‘the world’s most-loved programming language’. It is certainly growing in popularity, and here is some advice for would-be learners. Rust is quite similar to other programming languages like C++, but because it is newer, it has some attributes that C++ lacks. Rust is for … Read more

Why Fox Factory Holding Stock Plummeted by 27% Today

One of the most unforgivable transgressions a publicly traded company can commit is to miss on its earnings. That was the reason investors punished vehicle components manufacturer Fox Factory Holding (FOXF -26.82%) on Friday. The market reacted sharply to the company’s latest set of quarterly figures, trading out of the stock and sending its value … Read more