Why Do Phone Batteries Still Only Last a Day?

Justin Duino / How-To Geek Smartphones have been in our lives for nearly two decades, and we’ve seen huge improvements in that time. However, one thing has mostly remained the same—charging your phone every day. Why hasn’t battery life gotten better along with everything else? Bigger, high-resolution displays, powerful processors, intelligent software features, and faster … Read more

The PlayStation 5’s $270 DualSense Edge is now available in Canada

PlayStation’s DualSense Edge controller is now available in Canada. Similar to Xbox’s Elite Controller, the high-end PS5 gamepad offers a fully customizable experience that includes a variety of swappable components and remappable buttons. In Canada, it sports the rather steep price tag of $270. (By contrast, the standard DualSense costs $90.) Besides the controller itself, … Read more

Cord-cutting terms defined | TechHive

Call it a gut instinct, but it seems like a lot of folks are resolving to cut the cable TV cord this year. The people I’m increasingly talking to aren’t young techies, but longtime cable and satellite TV subscribers who’ve been pushed out by price hike after price hike. Especially for folks with fixed incomes, … Read more