Meme Stocks Melting Down

The bloom is off the rose. Meme stocks were one of the biggest and hottest trades of 2020 and 2021 with GameStock Corp. (NYSE: GME) jumping over 10,000% and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC) up over 2000%. Now these stocks are trading near 52-week lows and the big question is, is there any juice … Read more

The best thrillers on Amazon Prime Video (February 2023)

If it’s slow-burning devastation you’re seeking, look no further than Amazon Prime’s amazing curation of top-notch thriller films. And whether you’re into multimillion dollar A-list showcases or bite-sized indie efforts with shoestring funding, Prime Video’s library of cinematic suspense films is a collection that has something for everyone. As subscribers and fans of the platform, … Read more

Is the State Pension triple lock doomed to fail?

The state pension triple lock is one of those government policies that was designed with good intentions (and to win votes), but that has been shown to have some severe shortcomings in the real world.  The triple lock was introduced by the coalition government in 2010 to ensure pensioners’ incomes are protected.  Under the guarantee, … Read more

2022 World’s Best Digital Bank Awards Ceremony

More than 120 executives from digital banks and the digital arms of traditional banks were on hand in Dubai on September 20 to celebrate our annual awards for the World’s Best Digital Banks. Gathering at the Ritz-Carlton to network and congratulate each other, winners from the first round of country awards accepted their prizes, and … Read more