Bluesky launches to the public and adds 850k new users in 24 hours

Twitter alternative microblogging social platform, Bluesky, opened up its doors to all on February 6th. Now, within two days, the platform has reported a surge in new users.
Ironically, Bluesky shared the development on X (Twitter), saying that it had gained over 850,000 new users in the first 24 hours of opening up the platform.

things are rolling over here
— Jay Graber 🦋 (@arcalinea) February 7, 2024

The platform also shared that it averaged 8.5 new accounts per second, and users created two million new posts within the first 24 hours.
Although much smaller than X when it comes to userbase, Bluesky functions similarly to the Elon Musk-owned platform. Users get to see a chronological or algorithmic feed of content, which can include text, images, videos or a combination of those. With Bluesky getting rid of its waitlist, it has crossed the four million user mark.
The platform gained two million subscribers soon after it first launched in closed beta. However, growth soon stagnated. Now, with the waitlist system gone, it is likely that Bluesky will continue gaining new users exponentially.
This is because Bluesky isn’t just a simple microblogging platform. Its decentralized nature makes it appealing to those who don’t want big tech companies to own their data, while it being built on an open-source protocol means that anyone can create and run their own social media apps using the Bluesky network.
You can join or learn more about Bluesky here.
Image credit: Bluesky
Source: Bluesky

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