Top 10 Online Sites to Learn Computer Programming

There are many reasons why people seek to learn computer programming from Top online sites. It can be quite handy to learn this skill in case there are plans of switching into a more flexible career. Internet users may want to build their own websites or create useful apps. Learning to code has become quite … Read more

Best programming languages to learn for beginners to get a job

Most of the beginners are confuse and facing problem from where we start our carrier and which language we will learn first to get a job earlier; States of Top programming languages from different popular blog and platform are: TIOBE Index. The Transparent. RedMonk’s Top language 2015. GitHut Top Languages. Programming Languages Popularity (popularity of … Read more

Introduction to CSharp Language:

C Sharp ( C#): 1 -> object oriented programming language 2 -> developed by miocrosoft 3 -> develop for .net framework 4 -> C/C++,Java,Vb 5 -> RAD(Rapid application development) .Net Framework: Infrastructure/platform that provides tools & technology to use different languages to make different types of software’s Components: There component are: CLR(common language runtime) Class … Read more

Programming Methodology:

Programming Methodology is : 1-Unstructured2-Structured3-Procedural4-Modular5-OOPs–> object oriented programming language in which           ( Object,Class,PIE, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation )                           object based lang for e.g: ( vb6.0) What is Object ? Object:           Object is identifiable and have … Read more