Check out this cool looking real-life Pokédex created using ChatGPT

A YouTuber has managed to create an authentic-looking Pokédex using ChatGPT that actually functions as seen in the anime.
Developed by former Google engineer Abe Haskins, the Pokédex maintains the iconic red look of the device. Anyone who grew up watching the Pokémon anime or that played the video game series will likely be impressed by the design alone. However, Haskins’ gadget not only looks authentic but can also identify Pokémon and relay the information to the user. As shown on the Abe’s Projects YouTube channel, the Pokédex is based off of ChatGPT.
After being laid off from Google, Haskins began working on the passion project. Inspired to build a functional Pokédex, the developer says the idea came from seeing really cool tech across sci-fi, anime, etc. But ultimately, it was the Pokédex that stood out.

As shown in an in-depth video, Haskins began by sketching out the plans for the device, including blueprints regarding where the components would go. To replicate the Pokédex’s red shell, a 3D model was printed with room for a battery, speaker, gray-scale OLED display, and a camera. The latter two components are the more integral to its authenticity.
Using ChatpGPT 4, Haskins’ device can identify what is identified via the camera and run it through a Pokémon API. Acting as a bank of Pokémon information, the device is able to successfully pinpoint the Pokémon’s identity.
To add a little extra dose of nostalgia, Haskins used PlayHT to replicate the voice of Nick Stellate, who contributed his voice as the Pokédex in the anime from 1997 to 1998. While neat for those who grew up on those early episodes of the anime, the voice replication is still a bit alarming.
Unfortunately for aspiring Pokémon Masters, Haskins’ project won’t be for sale or mass-produced in any way.
Image credit: Abe’s Projects
Source: Abe’s Projects Via: Gizmodo

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