Start your Domain and Web hosting business at home with MilesWeb

Start Your Domain & Web Hosting Business at Home With MilesWebMany of you must want to start a web hosting business sitting on the couch of your house. While some of you might think it’s an unrealistic idea, others are earning thousands of dollars simply by starting a web hosting business. Well, it’s really easy to do so. Want to know how? Read further.

MilesWeb reseller hosting lets you start your web hosting business without any struggle of setting up your own data center and hiring employees to manage your server, neither you need any technicalities of server and networking.

Even though you don’t know much about web hosting, there is nothing to worry, because, with MilesWeb reseller hosting, you can still start your web hosting business at home. In simple words, you have to purchase hosting packages at wholesale rates and sell them at your own prices. This is similar to any retail business. You can leave all the technical aspects to the provider and focus on your clients.

If you know how to acquire clients for web hosting, then becoming a reseller can prove to be beneficial. In fact, you can even tie-up with web designers and developers and ask them to refer your hosting when it comes to web hosting. Yes, it’s that easy! Let’s take a detailed overview of how exactly reseller hosting works.

Reseller hosting-Explained

Reseller hosting means re-selling a portion of your server space and bandwidth to others. You only need to buy a hosting server from a web hosting provider that offers reseller hosting services- such as MilesWeb, after which you can start selling.

Making it simpler, reseller hosting is when you buy a reseller hosting package from a hosting provider and then split the package into various individual packages that can be sold.

You can create a separate cPanel account to host multiple sites. You can create your own plans and pricing to suit the needs of your clients.

MilesWeb reseller hosting plans:

MilesWeb offers a wide range of reseller hosting plans. They have cheap Linux reseller packages, unlimited Linux reseller plans and cheap Windows reseller hosting plans. Let’s take a look at cheap Linux reseller plans:



Reseller plans without WHMCS tool

hosting plans

Reseller plans with WHMCS tool

web hosting plan

With MilesWeb cheap Linux reseller plans you get two variations:

  1. Reseller plans with WHMCS tool
  2. Reseller plans without WHMCS tool

A WHMCS is a tool with all in one solution for billing and support ticket request handling. This makes client management tasks easy such as billing, generating invoices, sending reminders etc.

The reseller packages without WHMCS tool starts at Rs.290 per month with that you get unlimited domains, 50 GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel/ WHM Free SSL (unlimited), Softaculous, free domain reseller account, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts.

While the reseller plans with WHMCS tool starts at Rs.735 per month which includes 25 domains, free WHMCS,  unlimited bandwidth and SSD disk space, along with free SSL, free domain reseller account, cPanel/ WHM, Softaculous, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts.

MilesWeb is currently running a discount on all their reseller plans. For plans with WHMCS tool, you get a 25% discount (coupon code-AWS), while plans without WHMCS tool offers 20% discount (coupon code-BOSS).

Also, for all the above plans, you can choose your own datacenter, from India, US and UK. Choosing a datacenter nearer to your target audience is recommendeds as this will give them faster access to your website.

You can also become a domain reseller with MilesWeb without spending any additional money. You get fully customizable tools with their domain reseller account. Over 400 TLDs and extensions can be sold.
Not only this, MilesWeb is the first hosting company in India to offer web hosting on Amazon cloud platform. All the websites hosted under MilesWeb reseller hosting will utilize Amazon Web Server.

As this hosting offer cPanel with your reseller it is also known as cPanel reseller hosting.

Benefits of becoming MilesWeb reseller:

  • No maintenance: As there is no server maintenance involved or no separate data center infrastructure, you remain worry-free about any maintenance related tasks.
  • Less expense: With the cut down of data center and server maintenance task, you don’t have to invest a lot to become MilesWeb reseller hosting provider.
  • Recurring Business: Nobody likes to do the hectic tasks of changing the server every time and thus, they stay constant with their web hosting provider. So, once you have acquired a client, probably he is going to renew his web hosting plan rather than switching the web host. Ultimately, you generate a recurring business every year as your client renews.
  • Branding: MilesWeb lets you brand your own logo and name with your cPanel and WHM account. Thus, your client will never know that you are a reseller and think of you as a well-established web hosting company.

Summing up

Now that you know, starting a web hosting business is not a matter of concern anymore. You can simply get started with MilesWeb reseller hosting plan and setup your own web hosting company.  MilesWeb not only provides you with a web server, but also offers you a number of features and tools to make your web hosting business a success.


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