One of the most expensive iPhone (15 million U.S $) in the world’s

As you know that the price of Apple’s iPhone will be too much than other smart phones.but, many companies and individuals put diamond, pearl to their phones are engaged in an effort to make them more expensive.Some time ago The London-based company has prepared the case of iPhone 3 million U.S $.And decorated with gold casing and 100 carat diamonds iPhone stories are appear.

But Hong Kong’s capitalist left them all behind. which 14.5 million U.S. $ worth of 26 carat Black Diamond found in Heritage.So He adopted a unique style of his exhibition.For this purpose he hired Liverpool designer Stuart Hughes.First, he developed a body of gold for the phone, and then 600 white diamonds on its edges.On the backside The Apple logo for 53 diamonds were planted separately and Home button is found then place the 26 carat diamond in it.
According to Stuart that he take to designed approximately 9 weeks.In order to fit area of Home Button with diamond an engineer was hired from Macau .Because Black Diamond it was so far out of the boundaries of China.This phone worth is approximately 15 million U.S. $.In the past Stuart have been decorated the iPhone, ipads with gold and diamonds, and  also other gadgets and other items.But according to him this design is the best masterpiece.
So the phone is very beautiful, but indeed you can not buy it.Because, first it is too expensive and the other is that the phone’s owner does not plan to sell it.
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