Finally Facebook included Urdu language

 Translation Team of famous social networking website Facebook of the world has been completed translation URDU., The content is also available in Urdu language in Facebook. Although Twitter and Google Plus added Urdu language early but the idea came too late to include Urdu language in  Facebook  to be good all the volunteers who made Urdu translation of tens of thousands words and sentences correctly.

If you want to see in your national language in Facebook, so the method is very simple, look to the right of the news feed on the homepage ads will appear below your page copyright and language, which currently will be English, now if you click on it to open a pop-up window in which the colorful world languages, including Urdu choose from here and make your Facebook page alignment and changed the language of Urdu.

How to choose the language that you are having difficulty go to account settings and then at the bottom select language and press the Save Changes button.

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