8 Reasons Why You Should Use Fast Dedicated Servers for Better Online Presence

When it comes to web hosting solutions, there are plenty of options available for businesses. Some of the most common hosting options available are shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Based on the needs of companies any of these options can be used but if you are one of those looking for more control and power, then a dedicated web hosting solution is something you should consider. In this article, I am going to share with you the benefits of using the fast dedicated servers for your online business. As we know that in case of dedicated hosting, a server is fully dedicated to the client by the web hosting provider.
Managed dedicated server hosting is the best option for the businesses with rapidly changing requirements for resources such as CPU, RAM and disk space. Do you want to get full control over your resources? Or want to improve the performance and security of your website? Dedicated hosting is perfect choice to fulfill your business needs and you don’t have to shift to other hosting plans, when your business grows.
Here is the list of 8 major benefits of using dedicated server hosting for your website.

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Better Performance
The enhanced website performance is one of the key benefits of dedicated hosting. A dedicated server offers high reliability and performance. Being a growing online business, you have to make sure that your website has the extra resources to utilize when your website traffic volume increases. And, if your front end comprises image and video display, you should have enough bandwidth to fullfill the need. With dedicated hosting, you can acquire more speed and performance. The dedicated server results in the best online customer experience.
Dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful solutions for websites. you will get high power, bandwidth, and storage for your website hosting.
A dedicated server offers fast web hosting without upfront capital costs. You don’t have to share your hosting space with anyone and you are the only owner of your server. Don’t oversee technical support benefits that allow you to make sure that everything is going well on your website and server.
Despite that caution, sometimes you need help from outside. Many dedicated solutions come with an equally alert technicians’ team. With a fully managed server, there is always someone at the server’s end for troubleshooting 24/7. Selecting a dedicated hosting plan promises maximum uptime for your site. For the business with higher traffic dedicated hosting is the most preferred option out there. If your website gets a lot of traffic, these servers offer more reliability and stability than other kinds of hosting. Dedicated hosting will help you to boost your website performance over typical hosting solutions. With the dedicated hosting, you can modify your resources anytime you need and you will never run out of resources when your website needs increases.
Improved Reliability
As we know that in shared hosting, there are several users sharing the same resources, so, a website using more resources has an impact on the performance for all users in the network. Websites using a dedicated server get their own server and don’t have to share resources with anyone, which results in increases in the performance of their website and effectively managing the traffic. Additionally, your business would have complete control over the resources and can control factors like advertisements, browser compatibility, and images that have an impact on the overall performance website.

The dedicated servers are housed in a data center that offers redundant power sources to reduce the downtime and when local power grids fail. Your dedicated servers’ data centers have a combination of diverse utility feeds and backup diesel power to keep data flowing. One of the major benefits of choosing a dedicated server is the improved reliability it is offering. Eventually, you only have to worry about the traffic coming to your site. You don’t have to worry about other websites sharing your server may be slowing down your website and spoiling your image. There are many factors can affect your website’s speed such as ads, browser compatibility, and poorly optimized images are one of them, but these things can be in your control. So, you have to find a good dedicated hosting company to get your dedicated hosting plan that will improve the reliability of your website.

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Higher Security
Using the dedicated server, you are always very sure that you aren’t sharing your resources with any potential spammer or a malicious website. Dedicated hosting enhances your website’s security, mainly significant for businesses handling complex transactions over SSL or FTP. Choosing the dedicated server for your web hosting would mean, you have full control over your servers and no one can have access to your resources that also helps strengthen the security of your business. Furthermore, several dedicated servers are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant, a data hosting need for businesses that accept card payments. You can control settings of the firewall, which helps increase safety standards without having any impact on your site performance. When buying a dedicated server, servers are retained in a secure data center with measured access points. This sensitive level of security makes PCI and HIPAA compliance easier to get with these servers. Most of the dedicated hosting companies provide managed plans that you can get if you want any support for the server and keeping it protected for your service duration.
Hassle-Free Maintenance
The maintenance of your servers is far easier with dedicated servers. Dedicated hosting packages comprise 24/7 support that helps address the issues related to maintenance. Your hosting provider will allocate an expert team to monitor your resources and website performance so you don’t have to hire additional technical staff for the maintenance. If you already have an IT team, then they do not have to devote substantial time to do server maintenance tasks such as updating anti-virus protection and managing local service updates. Your team members can invest their precious time to perform essential tasks such as implementing and designing IT strategies.
It can be said that the managed dedicated server hosting plans can really make your life easier and you can maintain your server and resources without any trouble.
More Privacy
We are all familiar with the pain to shared hosting, where you are always worried about a guy next door open up security flaws that can have a huge impact on your business. But now with dedicated hosting, you can enjoy your privacy. You have root access on your dedicated server and you can guarantee higher security, user groups, user roles, and file permissions with firewall rules are properly configured, and as severely as required for specific needs of your businesses.

If you have to manage complex data, then you should have the additional security that you cannot only get on shared hosting. Any reliable dedicated server hosting provider will fill their service agreement with guarantees when it comes to privacy. While a lot of service providers are doing an excellent job of keeping your data protected, no software security can compete with physically segregating data. When it comes to security, a dedicated server is the most preferred hosting solution available.

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More Flexibility
For most of the online businesses, a major advantage of dedicated server hosting is that it lets you have more control over your servers and resources. That’s why with dedicated hosting you can effectively manage the server configuration. This offers you the server customization flexibility to fulfill your requirements for CPU, RAM, disc space and software. It means you can adjust it to meet the changing needs of the website. Dedicated hosting can accommodate your needs for a rapidly growing business. You don’t have to shift towards other hosting plans as your business grows, you can adjust or modify existing applications and services. You continue to be more flexible when more opportunities arise or unpredicted markets appear.
It is scalability for modifying the resources based on your needs. If you require more processing, backup, or storage, the dedicated server is something you should opt for. As you know that today’s customers have more expectations. You have to make sure that the online experience of customers is optimized and they are not having any issue accessing your products or services. A dedicated server helps your clients with better user experience and a fast page loading.
The dedicated server allows you to have full control over the server infrastructure and can customize disk space, CPU, software, and RAM based on your business requirements. You can change your operating system and platform which supports in management of different projects. Dedicated servers can be configured quickly to include the right combination of storage and processing power to meet your business needs. You can customize your dedicated servers in different ways making sure you are provided the exact hardware that well suited with your website requirements. As your hosting needs will change over time, a dedicated server provides more flexibility that makes it an ideal option for the businesses that want to grow over time.
Core CPU upgrading or higher clock speed, larger hard drive, or adding more RAM a is easy and quick and requires just a few minutes to modify. You can discuss with your hosting provider about the right options depending on your business growth requirements and plan your upgrade at an optimal time.
Unlike shared hosting, you don’t have many restrictions in case of dedicated hosting. Shared hosting enforces these limitations as they can eat up bandwidth that should be spread around. Switching to dedicated hosting can really make a lot of difference and you’ll see a totally changed world as far as customization is a concern. With these servers, you can implement new software, introduce better feeds and take the management your site to the next level. A dedicated server offers you the suppleness of selecting an operating system that better meets your needs – choose from a variety of Linux and Windows server operating systems.

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Unique IP Address
In dedicated hosting, IP address is an exclusive internet address allocated solely to a single web hosting account. A dedicated IP address allows you to view your site through its IP address. You can use FTP for accessing your hosting account whereas your domain name is unreachable, such as during domain name propagation times. In dedicated hosting, all servers have their own unique IP address. Unlike shared hosting, where you have to share your IP address and other resources with multiple sites. If one of your neighbours is an adult site or a spam site, this could mean having to rank your sites pushed down.
In the case of dedicated server hosting, you will have meant your own unique IP address. This is particularly significant if you are a big company running an e-commerce website that needs SSL for credit card processing. If you want your clients to enter their personal and credit card information, you have to provide them the security of protecting that data with an SSL. You should have a dedicated IP to get an SSL certificate on your site. Specifically buying a dedicated IP only for a high traffic website is not as essential as safeguarding dedicated hosting for a high traffic website.
Final Thoughts!
In this article, I have shared with some major benefits of using dedicated hosting solutions. With dedicated server hosting plans, you can improve the reliability and performance of your website. Get higher security and privacy with managed dedicated web hosting. Many web hosting providers also offer full-time support to their clients getting their dedicated hosting plans.
I hope the information I have shared in this article would be helpful. Do share your thoughts about this article in the comments.

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