Finance Docket: Elon's Comp, Dealmaking's Green Shoots, Exxon's ESG Attack

Ed. note: This article first appeared in the Finance Docket newsletter. Click here to register and view the full newsletter and subscribe. Dear reader: It’s happening. Or at least it might be, as recent weeks have seen a notable uptick in both deal activity and initial public offerings.Whether this means good times are here again in the M&A world—there has also been a notable uptick in deals broken on the regulatory wheel this year, it must be said—remains to be seen, but some big players are planning some big spending or public debuts, so stay tuned.What’s not happening is Elon Musk getting to keep the $55 billion in Tesla options he’s “earned” over the last six years, after Delaware’s chancellor took the “unprecedented” step of ruling the world’s richest man (depending on the day) grossly overpaid.The decision came just a week after Musk demanded even more money, doubling its potential impact—although its effect on Delaware’s position as incorporation capital of the world may not be what the First State wants.We also look at a hedge fund that’s unhappy with its compliance consultant, a big bill coming due for access to the U.S.’s new required corporate ownership database, and Exxon taking advantage of ESG’s diminished state. But before we get into all of that, we’d love to know both what you think of your legal department’s tech and which law firms you return to time and again. For more of the latest in litigation, regulation, deals and financial services trends, sign up for Finance Docket, a partnership between Breaking Media publications Above the Law and Dealbreaker.

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