Free android app download 2019

Android, the world’s most popular Operating System:

Android is linux base operating system which is made for touch screen mobile devices such as Smartphone, tablet pc and touch laptop etc. android users across 200 million in the world wide in which The Smartphone and Tablet both types of users. According to Google almost every day people buy 550000 android phones.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, the number of users Google android reached up to 100 million and is growing very rapidly. Across the world, Samsung caters to over 40 percent sales of Android. Other companies like HTC, Sony, LG etc. cater to 10 percent per share only. Recently Nokia also introduced Android based Smartphone, Nokia-X.


Android Application also runs on your Computer:
If you are an admirer of Android applications you can’t afford those flashy phones and tablets that run Android, do not worry. Now you can run all applications on your computer. You don’t believe it? A new company called BlueStacks has released the alpha version of the software. the company announced that the software will help run Android applications on Windows computers. The Pro version of the software will be released soon that includes new features. Through this software users use android application without any change can run android application on Computer or laptop. 10 Android applications are already included in this software and user can install 26 more applications. Users can install applications directly or through mobile. However, the currently popular applications such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja etc to install are banned, the idea being that these applications will be included in the Pro version.

Remember that this software works best on new PCs and laptops. If you have an old computer program might run a little slower. If you are a fan of video games then of course you have heard the name of the counter strike. In fact, it was a part of the game half life. This is the game play online from around the world with great fondness. And now this game is also available on Google’s Android mobile operating system. Counter Strike name comes to mind is the concept of the multi-player game. Therefore, this mobile game you can play with your friends online.


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