Guide to AGPO Registration Process in Kenya

The Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) program aims to empower youth, women, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) by facilitating their participation in government procurementLaunched to provide a level playing field, AGPO specifically targets youth, women of all ages, and persons with disabilities, ensuring they have equitable access to government procurement opportunities.Registering for government services can at times be a very tedious process. Just the thought of queuing long hours to register for a particular service can be enough to dissuade you from attempting to register for AGPO.Understanding AGPOAGPO stands as a testament to Kenya’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in economic development, fostering a more inclusive entrepreneurial landscape.By easing the entry barriers, AGPO aims to catalyze economic empowerment and growth within these demographics.Eligibility and CriteriaBefore applying for AGPO registration, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria; youth (aged 35 years and below), women of all ages, or Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).Business RegistrationYour business must be registered with a valid business registration certificate and must be compliant with the relevant laws and regulations in Kenya.Preparing Required DocumentsAfter completing the first two steps, gather the necessary documents for your application, including;A copy of your business registration certificateKRA PIN certificateID or PassportPassport-sized photosDuly filled AGPO application form.Online and Physical ApplicationAGPO registration in Kenya may be done online through the AGPO Portal.Visit: online registration is not available or required, you may need to visit the relevant government office or agency to submit your application in person.Verification and ApprovalAfter submitting your application, it will be reviewed for eligibility. This process may take some time, so be patient and ensure that all your documents are in order and accurate to avoid delays.Receiving the AGPO CertificateOnce your application is approved, you will receive an AGPO certificate, making your business eligible to participate in government procurement opportunities set aside for AGPO registered entities.

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