Here’s What The Nissan ‘GT-R’ Model Name Means

Technically, the GT-R’s roots go back to even before Nissan existed. Prince Motor Company produced the original Skyline in the late 1950s and a version called the GT Skyline in the 1960s. After Nissan and Prince Motors merged in 1966, the GT-R name was introduced with the debut of the first Nissan Skyline GT-R at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1969.

Originally, the Skyline GT-R was a four-door sedan. Many versions of the standard Skyline existed over the years, including sedans and wagons, but the GT-R was the high-performance leader of the pack.
A two-door version of the GT-R was introduced in 1970 with the model designation of KPGC10. According to “Cult of GT-R” by Ryan ZumMallen, it had an inside nickname. “Hako,” the Japanese word for boxy, and “sukarain,” a type of mountain road, were combined to give it the moniker Hakosuka.

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