how to be become a successful entrepreneur with no money

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur and success stories of Entrepreneurs in World

success stories of entrepreneurs in world

At some point in your lives have you dream about becoming a millionaire entrepreneur? Don’t be shy! We have all been there. Even I dream about becoming the most influential person in the world, where the stock exchange market changes with my single decision, where paparazzi try their best to take my interview. Well, dreaming is not bad. But the important thing is that you work hard to make your dreams come true. It is said that “If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough”.So if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, read the following tips, and take your first step towards great accomplishments.

  • Do not boast about your money- boost your work

Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of IKEA, one of the leading furniture companies. Despite having worth of $3 billion, he flies in economy class and lives a humble life. Do not show your worth using the money that you have, let your talent speak for you. People might become impressed with your wealth for a short period of time, but,in the long run, your expertise, attitude and willingness to work hard will ensure your success.

  • Do not find shortcuts

Life is not a fairytale. A prince will not come, and will not make you rich from rags. There are no shortcuts to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You have to work hard regularly to achieve your dreams. If you find a way that is shorter but illegal, do not take that way. Take small steps. Afterall, slow but steady wins the race.

  • Do not be afraid to fail

“Winners are not the people who never fail, but people who never quit”. Walt Disney, the founder of The Walt Disney Company, is worth $179.5 billion, but several years back, he was sacked by a newspaper editor as he believed that Walt did not have a creative imagination. But today he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He did not give up after he got fired. He worked hard to achieve his dream. So do not be devastated if your ideas get rejected. Use a different approach, plan again, and give another try.


how to be a successful entrepreneur with no money


  • Instead of asking “Why me?”, ask “Why not me?”

Do not be scared to implement new ideas. Steve Jobs raged a fire into the electronic world by introducing theelectronic gadgets that were not common in the world at the time of unveiling. Now almost everyone possesses IPhones and IPads. Do not hesitate and doubt yourself. No one is born with the talent to becomea competent entrepreneur. Work hard and learn from the successful people. If they can become successful, so can you.

  • Invest, don’t save

When you get profit out of your business venture, do not save it for future emergencies or wishes. Use that money to invest it back into your business. This will help you to get more capital for investment, and also motivate you to work harder to increase your income. But think before you invest anywhere. Do not invest in unfruitful business ventures.

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