How to block someone’s email address on Gmail

If you’ve been receiving too much spam or just want to purge your inbox, here is how you can block someone’s email address on Gmail.

Anyone who has owned an email account for more than a few weeks will be painfully aware of how easy it is to get your inbox flooded with spam messages and promotional emails. Not only can this be a big distraction, but it also means that you may be missing out on important notifications and alerts if they’re getting drowned out by a multitude of other messages.

If you want to remedy this issue, you can simply block any email addresses that you no longer wish to hear from on Gmail, and the process is surprisingly simple. Read on to find out how you can block someone’s email address on your Gmail account so you can get a better handle on your inbox.

What you’ll need: 

  • A Gmail account
  • A laptop, tablet or phone that can access Gmail via a browser or in an app

The Short Version 

  • Open Gmail and click on the email address’s message you want to block
  • Press the More button
  • Click Block Sender
  • Press Block
  1. Step

    Open Gmail and click on the email address’s message you want to block

    This can be done via a browser or through the Gmail app on iOS and Android. Find the email address you want to block in your inbox and click on the message they sent you to continue. Gmail inbox from Thomas

  2. Step

    Press the More button

    Click on the small hamburger menu on the top right side of the screen. It looks like three small dots, if you hover over it on a laptop it will say More. Click the More button

  3. Step

    Click Block Sender

    The More button will bring up a small menu. From the options given, click the button called Block Sender. The menu from the More button

  4. Step

    Press Block

    You will be presented with a pop-up asking you to confirm your choice to block this email address. Click Block to confirm. You can always unblock an address that you have previously blocked by going back into the message and clicking Undo. Click Block to confirm


How many accounts can I block on Gmail?

Gmail users can block up to 1,000 addresses with one account.

Can I unblock an address that I previously blocked?

Yes, you can unblock an address at any time. Simply go back into an email with that sender and click on the Undo button at the top of the message.

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