How to check iPhone 6s/6s plus original or not?

check iPhone 6s/6s plus original or not?

There is one thing that is inevitable in this world and that is the creation of fake versions of the most popular items that people like to purchase. This versions are cheaper, but in some cases the sellers try to scam people by selling these copies for the same cost of the originals. In any case, we are going to give you some important details that are going to allow you to identify the real deal from the fake ones.

How to check iPhone 6s or 6s plus original or not

In most cases, you are not going to see the iconic Apple logo that comes on the back of the pones if they are fake. Another very important giveaway is that the screws used in the original game are pentalobe and the fake iPhones use cross styled screw heads.

The screen on the original iPhone display is extremely sharp and there is no pixelation at all. If you see this on your phone, you are probably dealing with a fake version. The original 6S and the plus version of the 6S are extremely sharp and smooth.

There are no external memory ad slots on the original 6S and 6S plus. If you find either one with a memory card slot, then you definitely have a fake iPhone.

Then you have two very powerful and bullet proof methods. The first one is to try to connect the phone to iTunes. If the phone is original, it will connect, if not, it will not be able to connect at all. The other method is to check the official Apple website for the serial number found on the about button. This should be able to give you the best results.

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