How To Make Money Online On The Internet in 2023

How Can I Make Money online on the internet? That Sounds interesting… every one find the real method to make money online. Is this Possible? Yeah! It is possible for anyone to build up a permanent (passive) extra income after a certain period of time.

Many people want to make money on the Internet; in this article I will tell you some easy method step by step to make money online

There are many ways to make money online on the Internet. Some popular methods are listed below:


How To Make Money Online On The Internet in 2015


Making Money with Blogging / Vlogging:


There is a first easiest method to make money via blogging just select a topic in which your interest or you have knowledge, example if you have cricket knowledge let’s start make a cricket blog the next step is buy a domain and web hosting it will cost approx $50 usd, make a blog and write article and post on your blog, you can also check how to make a blog the important thing is article must be unique in your own words if you can’t write than hire a writer, now come to the earning point how to monetize your blog there are many PPC Networks like Google Adsense, infolinks, etc Google Adsense is best monetizing option in the World, signup for Google adsense after approval your application they will give you ads put these ads on your site, Share your site on social media when your blog become popular and got rank in google than make money by displaying ads.

What is Vlogging and How to Be a Vlogger? Vlogging is a new term which drive from “Video Logging” this is same as blogging just add a video with your article for example if you write a review of any “xyz” product and also make a video on it than post article along with video. you can use same monetizing option in Vlogging.


Earn Money Online With Affiliate Marketing:


You can make money with your blog by promoting products or promoting by social media. There are several ways to promote a product, email marketing a product can be marketed well via an email list. Forum posting, blog commenting etc… It’s up to you which option you chose called affiliate marketing. An affiliate promotes a foreign product on the Internet and the commission will be payable if the customer buys the product. Different networks provide affiliate product, such as ClickBank, Amazon etc, in which the affiliate has just login and then he can pick out the different products. Mostly high profit margin in digital products, because they often pay 70% of commission.


Earn money as a freelancing on the Internet:


The easiest way to start make money on the internet is definitely the Freelancing. Freelancer is a self-employed person, in freelancing you have must required a skill, if you don’t have a skills you’ll be nothing.

Last year there were 3 million registered freelancers on Elance, upWork(oDesk) on there were even 4.5 million. Here you get good tips and general instructions for work on Elance and upWork(oDesk). The main activities that are outsourced by companies are:

  • Write texts (blog articles, eBooks, copywriting …)
  • Web design (logos, info graphics, covers for books …)
  • Online Marketing (SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing …)
  • Translations (corrections, translations and interpretations of all language pairs)
  • Programmers (WordPress, HTML, PHP, Apps …)
  • Search (collect addresses, data entry, other simple activities)
  • Digital Assistant (Customer Service, General Administration)
  • Networking and Information Systems
  • Software Development (apps development iOS, Android, unity…)


Major Marketplaces (Freelance Sites) For Online Jobs:

Teaching Online:


Earn Money by selling and Buying Websites and Domains:


Websites and Domains for sale is a relatively new way to make money on the Internet. To judge the value of sites and domains correctly, however, its require many years of experience.

Buy and sell sites on

Domains for sale at


Create Passive Recurring Income With Membership Sites:


One of the most attractive ways to make money on the Internet is creating a members page. On these pages you can offer or create a network in your niche either information, products or services.

Here are some ideas for a Membership Site:


  • Forum for questions and answers
  • Coaching for specific problems in your industry
  • Platform for exchange and networking for members
  • Offer quality content such as video tutorials, interviews, or step-by-step instructions
  • Offer a service or a software (e.g: WordPress Themes, photo database)


Making Money by Online Business, Web Hosting and eCommerce:


If you can effort $20,000 to $50,000 than you have a opportunity to invest money on different online businesses such as launching digital product eBooks, theme, software etc selling online there are two best sites where you can launch product on, or you can also selling product like Smartphone, Laptop etc on your website and also you can start online company as a webhosting and domain provider, Writing, SEO and Developing services provider etc…


Make Money by Teaching Online or by videos:


If you are a teacher yes you making a decent income through teaching online by giving paid training. In the beginning you make free videos and uploaded on Youtube, dailymotion, vimeo etc and make money by displaying ads and also you will get audience and fan or follower. For recording lecture use camtasia, super recording etc software. This is very cheapest method no investment required in teaching.

Here are some teaching platforms:

You can make course and upload on these sites


There is nothing impossible in 2015, impossible itself says, “I M Possible” . Keep these things in your Mind before starting Making Money Online

Dedication Required:

Research (before starting work research on many sites and getting reviews)

Time (always gives fixed time and full focus on your work no extra activity)

Keep Patience (this factor is very important in online business “Slow and Study Win The Race”)

Hardworking (must required in Business)

Engaged with People (entrepreneurs, business man)

Be realistic There is no shortcut to become richer in the World. If you need any help regarding this article please comment below I will answers 2 all

To your Success



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