How To Make Sure Your Home Firewall Is Actually Working

If you’ve never changed the firewall settings on your Mac, the security measure may still be off by default. Mac technology comes equipped with anti-virus software (called XProtect), but the firewall is not automatically turned on in new Apple devices. Checking an Apple computer to see if its built-in firewall is on and running properly is an easy process, too. Here is how to check if your Mac firewall is currently enabled: 

1. From the home screen, choose the Apple menu (the Apple icon in the top left), then navigate to System Settings. 

2. In System Settings, search “Firewall” in the top right search bar. Select “turn Firewall on or off.”

3. You will see a message with a green circle that says “Firewall: On” if your Mac’s firewall service is enabled. If it is not, the circle will be grayed out with the message “Firewall: Off.”

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