how to root samsung galaxy note 5

How to Root a Galaxy Note 5

To start with, all Galaxy Note 5 tablets will come with a standardized set of apps, bloated functions, some of which will not be needed, and an operating system you will feel you are not in control of. It is for that very reason that many users will attempt to root the Galaxy Note 5, so they can regain the control of the smartphone, rather than the phone taking control of you. It’s time to take the dog for a walk and not let the dog take you for a walk.

How to Root a Galaxy Note 5

Do bear in mind that the warranty on the phone will be void if rooting takes place, so only move forward with this procedure if you are happy with that. The first stage is to unlock the start-up menu by selecting “Developer Options” in the system menu. You can find this from the “Settings” menu.

The next menu will be Settings >About phone > Build Number. This will need to be selected seven times after which you will see a pop up window saying you have “Developer Options”.

At this stage you must turn the OEM lock off (we are now unlocked) and do not use the phone for Samsung Pay transactions as it will have triggered a flag disabling the device from being used for payments.

Now press the “Volume” button on the side of the phone and make sure it’s the volume down and not up side of the button you press. At the same time, hold the “Home” button and the “Power” button. Hold for about four seconds and you’ll see a pop up warning notice. At this stage you will need to take your fingers off the three buttons and press the “Volume” button only in volume up mode.

This takes you into what is known as the “Download” mode. Now you will need to download Odin v3 along with a kernel. The Noble kernel is sufficient for this download but it can be any kernel listed on your settings that will do. To check those kernel settings go to Settings > about phone.

A USB must now be used to connect the Galaxy Note 5 to a PC. On the PC open Odin v3, click the second box down listed as “AP” and enter the file source for the kernel you downloaded. Now click the “Start” radar button at the bottom left of the screen to reboot the Note 5.

This allows a custom recovery situation to be automatically installed on the Galaxy Note 5.




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