Introduction to CSharp Language:

  • C Sharp ( C#):
  • 1 -> object oriented programming language
  • 2 -> developed by miocrosoft
  • 3 -> develop for .net framework
  • 4 -> C/C++,Java,Vb
  • 5 -> RAD(Rapid application development)
  • .Net Framework:

Infrastructure/platform that provides tools & technology to use different languages to make different types of software’s

  • Components:

There component are:
CLR(common language runtime)
Class liabrary(a huge group of classes)

  • CLR:

Means it converts managed code into native code

source code -> .net compiler -> MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Lang) -> CLR -> Native code(Output)
Metadata                                JIT
(managed code)

  • Library:

Namespace -> Group of classes with similar close properties & function.

Main namespace ->System

Before we starting  csharp language we must know about that syantax – > static void Main(string[] args)
above we will discuss basic concept step by step now we are going to know about static void Main(string[] args) what is this?

Static: Means it is made static so that we call  it without creating an object in other words run the main function with out creating an object.

Void: Means don’t return any value void is a return type of function for e.g void (int abc)
where void is return type int is data type and abc is alphabet means its name.

String args[]: is the way of input at startup of the application string[] args or String args[] both are same

static void Main(string[] args)

static                 ->               class method, no need to make object to use

void                   ->              return type nothing

string[] args        ->              arguments

i think you understand this syntax static void Main(string[] args) also known as idioms in cSharp

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