It’s your last chance to claim a free Xbox Series X from Verizon Fios — the deal ends January 3rd!

If you’ve been hanging around Android Central over the past few weeks, you know that I’ve written up this Verizon Fios deal before, but I feel like it’s my due diligence to give it one final mention: sign up for the 1 Gig home internet plan before January 3rd and you’ll get an Xbox Series X AND a $200 Amazon gift card for FREE. That’s like $850 of free stuff for a home internet plan that only costs $64.99/month when paired with Verizon mobile service ($89.99/month otherwise). It’s a very unusual deal, but if you’re looking to change internet providers, you won’t find a better offer anywhere else. 

✅Recommended if: you want a new home internet provider; you already use Verizon Wireless; you’ve been waiting for the right time to grab an Xbox Series X.


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