Lenovo reported to unveil a transparent laptop concept at MWC 2024

Lenovo will be one of the tech giants presenting at MWC 2024 from 26th to 29th February.
According to Windows Report, quoting unnamed sources close to the matter, the company is planning to unveil a new concept laptop at the event.
The leak suggests that the concept laptop will sport a transparent look with a design language similar to Nothing’s smartphones. The laptop features a completely see-through display with a bezel-less design, and only the chin and the frame aren’t transparent.

The chin will reportedly house all the main components of the laptop, which means the concept laptop won’t offer a look into its internals. According to Windows Report, the laptop will reportedly run on Windows 11.
No other details about the reported laptop are currently available. It’ll be interesting to see what sacrifices Lenovo would make to make this concept laptop into a widely available product. How will it compare to other laptops in terms of battery life and specs? How much will it cost if it becomes widely available? Are the transparent display and body durable? These are some of the questions we hope to get answers to at MWC 2024,
Check out the complete report here.
Image credit: Windows Report
Source: Windows Report

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