China appeal to Microsoft to continue support Win XP

You guys certainly use Microsoft Windows XP and many friends will also know that Microsoft announced on August 8, 2014, this version of Windows will support ended.

Support is end mean the company is not responsible to eliminate the errors and bugs to fix in software as well as other software manufacture companies leave to made the application of Microsoft win –XP and it would be easy for hackers who can steal your information.

Although the majority of users of new versions of Windows such as Windows 7 and 8 have been transmitted but in most countries of the world including Pakistan still has a significant number of Windows XP users. Problem is that most government offices and companies are still being used in Windows XP.
According to news agency of China, Copyright Administration chief Yan Xiohong of Microsoft  the management of china today are busy in meetings and the company trying  to convince him that they keep this operating system alive for a few years.He appealed to the Microsoft that support of Microsoft XP would immediately  abolished the Chinese government would be very easy for hackers to get access to government secrets, the government machinery in China Windows XP has been used.Now see what Microsoft is considering China’s appeal of of Windows XP in August would be continue or ignoring support

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