Now the mobile phone will charged with tea and juice

Smart phone users will agree that we buy any Smartphone, its battery life is too low.The large touch screen is used in smart phones with Wi-Fi Internet, and frequently use of applications and games to your battery very quickly finished.

A country Pakistan where electricity load-shedding is common there is difficult enough even to charge mobile phone all the time.But don’t worry, the miracle of technology has not yet ended.Tommy Joseph from Pittsburgh (onE-Puck name) has created a device through which you cup of tea or glass of juice can charge mobile phones.This device gives output 5v, as like a normal charger.More than hot tea and cold juice to charge your mobile phone as soon as possible.

Joseph device works on the principle of Stirling engine was invented by Robert Stirling in the nineteenth century.In which the certain amount of gas locked in the device, when temperature changed it will creates pressure and with the help of this mobile phone battery is charged.This device can be used for all smart phones, and other gadgets which are charged through USB cable and those 1000mA or less power is needed.
According to Joseph, the company that is working on the technology of the last 12 years and Currently onE Puck device prototype model has been developed.Now there is a need of massive funding to prepare this device. for which he posted his project on  KickStarter.For this purpose he sought the aid of a million U.S. dollars.They have been donated 74 thousand U.S. dollars so far.According to Joseph in the future this technology to produce electricity for the whole house and water can also be used to clean up.

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