Introduction to CSharp Language:

C Sharp ( C#): 1 -> object oriented programming language 2 -> developed by miocrosoft 3 -> develop for .net framework 4 -> C/C++,Java,Vb 5 -> RAD(Rapid application development) .Net Framework: Infrastructure/platform that provides tools & technology to use different languages to make different types of software’s Components: There component are: CLR(common language runtime) Class … Read more

Programming Methodology:

Programming Methodology is : 1-Unstructured2-Structured3-Procedural4-Modular5-OOPs–> object oriented programming language in which           ( Object,Class,PIE, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation )                           object based lang for e.g: ( vb6.0) What is Object ? Object:           Object is identifiable and have … Read more

Now the mobile phone will charged with tea and juice

Smart phone users will agree that we buy any Smartphone, its battery life is too low.The large touch screen is used in smart phones with Wi-Fi Internet, and frequently use of applications and games to your battery very quickly finished. A country Pakistan where electricity load-shedding is common there is difficult enough even to charge … Read more