Problems with Manual Visitor Management Process

In the modern era, visitor management system seeks massive attention in organization of all types and sizes. The manual system is already in place in almost all organizations, but it is so primitive and there many issues related to it. The most common issues in manual visitor management systems are as follows

  • Can’t understand the writing of any individual written in the book
  • The details are not correctly filled in by the visitor
  • The visitor is not entirely aware of the time they arrived.
  • Visitor must be asked who they are once they have signed your book
  • The visitor might enter wrong or fake information about his identity, whereabouts, etc

To be honest, in many cases, it is appropriate to be vague about how we explain ourselves or the way we record time. It is not a problem rounding to the nearest 15 minutes when asked: “how long until we leave for the meetings.”

Your security or administrative staff running your management system might be losing almost ten minutes a day administrating and managing the manual visitor books or logs. Therefore, ten minutes a day equals to forty-one hours per year. Surely something needs to be done to save time.

Problems with Manual Visitor Management Process

Cogent Innovations explain “The five biggest problems associated with Manual Visitor Management”

#1:  Dealing with inaccurate manual systems – the most common issue is difficult in identifying guess-work out of visitor and contractor sign-in books and remove the “dumb” entries once and for all.

#2:  Problems in managing visitors all at once across different sites or locations – it is important to identify how to track a visitor and his or her activity on the specific location.

Problem#3:  Identifying and reporting who is on location in real-time –

Have complete detail of who visits a particular area. Identify who is on location now, who were there previously, is it a visitor or a contractor or a service provider or your own employee from other branch, etc, and for how long they were on location.

Problem#4:  Wasting time of the security teams or front office personnel (hours or even days) tracking down the staff on their arrival. In the modern era, the receptionists should not be wasting the valuable time in eye-balling and securitizing the visitors’ identity. Saving time from such irrelevant activists might help them focus on achieving their core objectives.

Problem#5:  Unable to access real time reports

Most of the management systems are designed in a way to operate on a reception kiosk, tablets, PC or through a server environment in mind, which means getting an evaluation report when you are standing outside in the park from your location including the feature to send Head Counts via SMS to your safety wardens.

Whether it is two visitors or 200 visitors per day, the manual system will definitely have its disadvantages and very less advantages, while at the same time the automated visitor management system has numerous benefits that can take your organization to the next level in terms of brand impression, security and safety.

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