Now all laptops will be able to use the same charger, Universal Standard issued by the IEC

Laptop users are aware of the difficulty that almost all companies use different types of laptop charger, even of the same company in different model charging pin size is the different and when you go another place you have to keep your laptop with charger you know that another charger is not working

The International electronically Commission recently issued instructions to all the hardware companies that laptop charger use the same standard. Using the same standard where users will get rid of the hassle of finding the charger while electronics have reduced waste. According to the estimates chargers for electronics products every year more than five million tones of waste.
Earlier in 2011, Electronically Commission Standard was issued for a charger of mobile phones, under which instructed that all mobile phone companies phones use the same charging port, this is the reason that today almost all smart phones (except Apple and Sony) used the same type charger.

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