Samsung introduced the Galaxy round Smartphone which contain falcate screen

 Samsung introduced the world’s first Galaxy round Smartphone which contain falcate screen 5.7 inch high screen is quite similar with Galaxy AMOLED definition Note 3

In this phone 2.3 GHz Snap Dragon 800 processor 3GB RAM and 13 mega pixel camera is installed. Phones designed you catch it very easily also Samsung developed special applications and features for the phone screen. However, the phone falcate screen is to see the pictures and the videos maybe not so appropriate.

Samsung has been used in this new phone a flexible screen, which now, thanks to a mobile phone and can be adapted to any form of screen the day is not far when you will be able to put mobile phone in the bottom of your pocket.

Samsung’s traditional rival, the LG has been working on a similar phone, but according to reports, submit it to the falcate screen is mid instead of the top down

Galaxy round smart phone is currently only available for Korean users, it is expected that this phone will be available in Pakistan by the beginning of next year and it its price will be set Rs.85,000/= approximately

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