Switch 2 set for March reveal, says rumour we so want to be true

Comments from Nintendo’s top brass earlier this week couldn’t have been clearer: the company is preparing to move on from the Switch console to whatever’s next.

However, “whatever’s next” could become clear in as little as a month from now, according to new rumours suggesting a Nintendo Switch 2 reveal could happen in March.

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Adding fuel to existing rumours, the Nintendo scoop merchant ‘Nate The Hate‘ stated his belief (via GameRant) Nintendo will unveil the Switch 2 in March and then show it off to developers at that month’s Game Developers Conference (CDG).

The rumour was seemingly backed up by the Universo Nintendo website, which claimed it had heard from publishing partners that Switch 2-related projects will also be revealed to the public in March.

March 2024 is a date we’ve already heard multiple times before regarding the all-important Switch 2 console. However, when it’ll become available to gamers is another matter altogether. A pre-holidays release would seem to make sense, and a leak last month suggested if could come as soon as the end of the summer.

A press release from Altec Lansing about AI Altec Lansing’s release about AI gaming software explains its new technology is geared towards the coinciding with Nintendo’s next release it reckons is happening in September 2024.

Other leaks have suggested we won’t get the Switch 2 on sale until early 2025, but it’s clear Nintendo is laying the groundwork and is determined to get this one right after the Wii U letdown.

“The generational transition of platforms in the dedicated gaming console business is never easy. We have experienced significant challenges following successful platforms multiple times, so we never consider our current situation to be totally secure,” said Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa this week.

“Furthermore … our business is always exposed to great competition. From a broader entertainment perspective, not only video games but also various forms of leisure are competitors in this industry. In this environment, there’s an increasing need, more than ever before, to continue offering unique propositions to become a brand that customers choose.”

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