Taylor Swift’s Music Becomes Symbol Of Protest For Chinese Women Against Xi Jinping

Taylor Swift’s music has resonated with young Chinese women, who are using her songs to express their discontent with the conservative policies of President Xi Jinping.What Happened: A recent screening of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert movie in Beijing has sparked a wave of enthusiasm among young Chinese women. The film, which features feminist themes and LGBTQ+ rights, has struck a chord with audiences, offering a rare outlet for those who oppose the tightening social controls and traditional expectations imposed by the Communist Party, reported Bloomberg.See Also: Taylor Swift Does What Elon Musk Couldn’t: Silence The Student Tracking Her FlightsSwift’s concert movie, which showcases values that contradict President Xi’s conservative vision for women, has been praised by fans for its empowering message. This comes at a time when China is grappling with a declining birth rate, prompting President Xi to advocate for a more traditional role for women.Despite the government’s efforts to stifle movements like #MeToo and the removal of women from the Politburo, Swift’s music is providing a voice for young women to challenge these societal norms.Shuo Tao, a 22-year-old fan who has watched the movie twice, expressed her admiration for Swift’s empowering lyrics. “It felt great,” she said, adding, “She gave me the courage and strength to say no to things that hold me back.”Why It Matters: This development is particularly noteworthy given the immense popularity of Swift’s Eras tour. The tour, which ran from March 2023 to December 2024, broke the Guinness World Record for the highest-grossing music tour, raking in over $1.04 billion. It drew an average of 72,000 attendees per concert and had a significant impact on global audiences.The American singer-songwriter won her 13th Grammy award for “Midnights” in the Best Pop Vocal Album category earlier this month. She also revealed the release date of a new album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” at the event. Read Next: Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Offered Cannabis-Themed Wedding Over Super Bowl LVIII WeekendDisclaimer: This content was partially produced with the help of Benzinga Neuro and was reviewed and published by Benzinga editors.Image Via Shutterstock

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