The world’s fastest memory card developed by SanDisk

Memory cards making American company create the world’s fastest memory card Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 has been introduced.

                This high speed memory card reading speed is 450 MB per second while writing speed is 350 MB per second. In other words, you copy the files that will be copied from the speed of 350MB per second and downloaded the data will be the speed of 450MB per second. If you estimate the speed of the card. For example 100 GB data file transferred it can be transferred in 4 minutes or less than 4 minutes.This memory card has been achieve high-speed transfer used the Serial ATA Bus technology.However, the number of devices that use this card is currently very limited.Only ARRI Group has developed the few camera models it can be used in ARRI camera.
                CFast 2.0 memory card with 60 GB and 120 GB memory is available.This card has been chosen for its pinless design if you putting it out in camera card is not corrupted or damaged.Moreover, the card heat, cold and humidity, etc have been safe.
                The San disk cards, prices have not been announced.However, after seeing this card features the company’s other products and it can be considered in view of the price will be extremely high and only professionals or companies that can buy it.

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