Top 10 Online Sites to Learn Computer Programming

There are many reasons why people seek to learn computer programming from Top online sites. It can be quite handy to learn this skill in case there are plans of switching into a more flexible career. Internet users may want to build their own websites or create useful apps. Learning to code has become quite a trend primarily because it opens a lot of earning opportunities and you can learn programming language free online.

To attain the basic skills, you may refer to several online sites that offer free lessons to learn computer programming. Here are ten of the top resources that will let you explore and enjoy programming at no cost:


1. Coursera

With more than a million students, this site offers more than 200 courses taught by real professors online from 33 universities.

2. Google Code University

This is obviously the best for those who are fascinated with Android development. Perfect for newbies to programming and very useful for more advanced students as the site offers complicated topics like web security and distributed systems.

3. Land of Code

When still grasping the concepts to learn computer programming, is the place to be. It has an introduction to programming modules that will let you get familiar with terminologies, definitions, etc. This will literally teach you the languages used in programming.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The site is pretty neat with its complete course package. Video lectures are provided as well as lecture notes, and even assignments and exams.

5. Codecademy

For a fun way to learn computer programming with your friends, try It offers free coding classes where you can track your progress as well as your friends’. The competitive air will encourage you to learn more as fast as you can.

6. Eloquent Javascript

If you do not want to buy the book, you can access this online course for a popular coding language.

7. Apple Developer

This mega- company’s site provides resources for those who are interested in app development for Apple products.

8. Udacity

A challenging site that teaches students to code by letting them solve challenging problems. They mostly cover concepts in Math and Physics which are very useful in programming.

9. Mozilla Developer Network

The company is an expert on making a website run. They came up with a site that encourages free learning using materials made by their own network of developers.

10. Khan Academy

Coding is among the lots of online courses that the site offers and covers basic topics like introduction to programming, drawing basics, coloring with code, animation basics, and a whole lot more.

In this world of modern technology, the internet has become a source of all sorts of information. From learning how to cook, make DIY crafts, and even how to fix a car on your own, everything is on the World Wide Web. It is no surprise why people who would love to learn computer programming will also turn to the internet for resources. These sites are convenient sources when you want to learn about coding at your own pace.

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  1. This article was truly fascinating. I had always assumed that there were ways to learn computer programming online, however never knew what sites were the best or most reliable. I, myself, have thought about taking a course or two and learning more about computer programming and coding. Back in the days of MySpace, I always loved changing the codes and creating the fun layouts and background images. Can’t wait to research these class sites more.


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