Top 5 Best Game Free Downloads 2020

Every year gaming companies come out with a new set of computer games for your gaming entertainment. Whether you are interested in action and adventure games or community building games, by the time the New Year comes around, you are looking for a new game or games to take you through the next year, or at least through Spring Break. Here are the top 5 best 2019 games available for free downloads. We have listed top games list of 2019 best strategy war games, online car games and shooter video games.


1. Big Farm free Download Online Game

So, in 2010 you built your Farmville community. And for several years you raised your chickens and cows and grew your corn. And now, you need more. You want and need something bigger and better. Welcome Big Farm. Like Farmville, you are building your community of farmers to raise an agricultural community. However, this time, you are taking an existing farm that is run down and making it into a profitable farming community. You may need to wake up at the crack of dawn to make this Big Farm work again.

2. Legends of Honor free Download Online Game

Everyone wants the opportunity to be the hero and help the world survive ultimate extinction. Legends of Honor allow you the opportunity to accomplish this dream. Taking place in the days of yore, three kingdoms have risen and are in battle for prosperity and survival. It is up to you to help save the world and end the feud. Legends of Honor 2019 are one of the most searches in internet strategy war game and in the list of our top 5 games in 2019.

3. The Secret Legacy: Kate Brooks free Download Online Game

Maybe you prefer an adventure with a little mystery and seek and find thrown in. Then this game is for you. TT story is based on the secret legacy of Kate Brooks’ grandmother, who has passed away and left a note laced with clues for Kate to begin her search. The games allow you explore amazingly beautiful landscapes while finding all there is to find regarding this legacy.

4. Mad Truckers free Download Online Game

This game has the two most exciting elements any game can have: missions and big trucks. Imagine being on a driving mission and getting to drive a big rig while completing the mission. No more sports cars or sedans. This is about you and your truck. Use your truck to push other drivers off the road while completing your mission and saving the day. Take your time though, there are only fifteen missions, so once you complete all fifteen, you start back at one.

5. Alien Shooter free Download Online Game

In a post-apocalyptic world, one species has taken over and created a world bred in evil. The alien is evil incarnate and has taken over the entire military base. You know that there is still good, and you are it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to clear the base (it’s a starting point) of this evil and regain control for the humans left behind. Be careful, evil does not play fair.

These are just a small sampling of the many free downloadable games available in the upcoming year. There are exciting selections for all, no matter your preferences or abilities. And, as you finish one game, there will always be more to take its place. So play on gamers and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Game Free Downloads 2020”

  1. i like this game Secret Legacy because it is fast and more mysterious way to do things in the game .. will say that this is the best game and the only best in the list of best free games in 2016.. but the game version 2016 secret legacy is come?

  2. I will admit I was a Farmville addict, then a Candy Crush addict, and now I’m a Tribez addict. I love these games because 1, you don’t really need to buy anything, just have to be patient and 2. it’s good CLEAN fun. A lot of games that’s out there even for phones are either boring or have a lot of sexual content, and since I’m around kids and others frequently, I want to make sure people don’t get an eye-full.

    I’ve never played Secret Legacy which is stated in the other comment, I may have to try it.


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