Top 5 Most Popular Content Management Systems in 2020

Top 5 Most Popular Content Management Systems

There are lots of CMS platforms out there that are suitable to use for site development but have you ever thought of which of them are very useful and among the best? Which of the Content Management Systems are adequate and simple to work with even for users who don’t have extensive computer knowledge? Which CMS platform allows one to handle the information of their website quickly? Out of the dozens of CMS out there, let’s take a look at the top 5.


  1. WordPress CMSHow to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

As a blogging platform, WordPress continues to be one of the most used CMS out there, and this CMS is even more advanced and can be used for the creation of mobile programs, and for entirely web site development.

With its popularity and ease of usage, it has been discovered that 22.5% of all websites on the web are created with WordPress. A few of the most famous brands using WordPress as CMS are:

Sony, eBay, Facebook, Disney, LinkedIN and several more

In essence, this platform allows the construction of any types of website  including:

Educational website, Membership website, E-commerce website, Photographic site, AdSense site, Video collection site and many more.

One good thing is that WordPress is an open source software, favored by Google. Because of this, your website can be supported by Google and ranked easily; there are many plugins (free and paid) that may be utilized to make your website superb.

  1. Joomla CMSJoomla CMS

Most website development CMS, as well as Joomla, are an open source platform. Joomla is PHP-based and uses MySQL database. With the aid of Joomla, you can make your favorite website whether it is going to be: a corporate website, an educational website, Company site, E-commerce Website or Small Business Website.

Even with a little knowledge in this CMS, it is possible to handle the content of your site without thinking about all the codes to be used for it.

Below are several brands that use Joomla as website development CMS:

MTV, Citibank, Harvard, Linux and lots more.


  1. Magento CMSMagento cms

Like some other website development CMS, Magento is an open source platform. This platform was created primarily for E-commerce sites. Magento offers and uses MySQL and Zend PHP databases.

Some adaptable and reliable characteristics of Magentoare: software for direction and control on the appearance of the goods, intuitive interface. Also, Internet Search Engine Optimisation Tools can be found.

Please be aware that if you have basic coding skills and do not understand how to optimize your website, it’s a great idea to contact a specialist to prevent problems. With the aid of Magento, you’ll be able to handle large E-commerce sites selling a rich selection of products and also small E-commerce sites.

Magento is a CMS that can ease the work with servicing of customers, which can be an imperative standard for the current eCommerce sites and is incredibly user-friendly. Just in case you’re wondering whether to use Magento for your website development project, remember it is crucial your site be mobile-optimised, a feature Magento supports.

A few of the most popular E-commerce sites using Magento are:

Pepe Jeans, Ford, The North Face, Lenovo, Fred Perry,  and several more


  1. Drupal CMSDrupal cms

Drupal is a website development CMS that has open source, and it is appropriate for:

Social networking websites, educational sites, Member sites, Newsgroups, Websites, Portals, Web applications and others.

Drupal is a website development CMS that is incredibly adaptable and may be customized to the requirements of each company. Nevertheless, it isn’t as user-friendly as WordPress or Joomla, because it’s a new website development CMS and is a sophisticated platform compared to the other CMSs, and so isn’t the preferred option by most webmasters.

These popular brands use Drupal:

Twitter, Warner Brothers, The White House, NASA, Intel and a lot more.


  1. DotNetNuke CMSDotNetNuke cms

DotNetNuke is an open source platform, predicated on ASP.NET and used for website development. The CMS isn’t of the same quality as the other Content Management Systems (CMS) but is user-friendly. But for those who decide to make your site with DotNetNuke, here are some useful things to understand:

Easy content creation and editing, Unmatched security, Supreme platform flexibility, Great for programs or intranets.

Popular brands that are making use of DotNetNuke are:

KIA, Motorola, Samsung, Nascar and many more.

In conclusion, whatever program you select for developing your website, the most important thing to remember in the case that you don’t have needed skills and knowledge to develop your project, consider finding a decent company to finish this job for you.

Now over to you, what CMS do you prefer out of the Top 5 Most Popular Content Management Systems listed above and what are your reasons?


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