Top 5 Smartwatches for iPhone Reviews 2020

Top 5 Smartwatches for iPhone

There won’t be many who remember the Casio watch with built-in calculator embedded on its face, strategically placed next to the LCD time display – but we have come a long way since then; four decades later and there is a number of great smartwatches suitable for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

When you choose which smartwatch to buy you must be careful that select one that is compatible with your iOS device. A smartwatch using Android Wear is not usually one that is. Android Wear is a watch for those with Android phones, using the Google OS. This said, Android Wear smartwatches are compatible with the iPhone, albeit is some limited capability.

Top 5 Smartwatches for iPhone

So let us look at five smartwatches for the iPhone. Many iPhone users will have been asked if they feel they might want to invest in an Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is the first of its kind on the iOS system, but boy, is it expensive! At $700 a pop these watches don’t come cheap. But there are alternatives that are not Android Wear bands or Apple Watch wearables.

The Pebble Time Steel smartwatch has a battery which needs charging up only once every 9 or 10 days, voice responsive, a choice of straps and a choice of a leather band or the good old traditional metal strap.

The Vector Luna Smartwatch has a battery life of around 30 days, no touchscreen and a distinct level of style. Fashionistas will adore this watch but we don’t recommend it for geeks. Instead, they would absolutely fall in love with the smartwatch to end all smartwatches – for now anyway: Garmin Fitness Active Vivo. It works as a sound alternative to the Apple Watch and in many ways it’s actually better.

Garmin’s Vivo Active has a GPS, measures how far you have walked, ran or jogged, costs less than half of what the Apple Watch does and allows for the addition of extra features pushed over from the iPhone.

Tag Heuer is a names synonymous with quality and its smartwatch simply called Connected is simple and brilliant. It will tell you how many steps you have done, miles covered, calories crunched and did we tells you it actually tells the time too?  No seriously, this watch is for stylish and street cred, as well as being very smart. But be warned at over $1,400 it is among the top end of smartwatches.


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