Trump’s Recent Endorsement Of Montana Candidate, Along With Ex-Maryland Gov.’s Bid, Could Shift Senate Battle In Favor Of Republicans

Donald Trump‘s recent endorsement of Tim Sheehy dealt a blow to Rep. Matt Rosendale’s Senate bid in Montana, while Senate Republicans gained momentum with the recruitment of former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s in a blue state.The unfolding events on Friday have disrupted the Senate battleground map, adding pressure on Democrats to defend their narrow majority, reported Politico. Following a challenging 2022 cycle, Republicans are cautiously optimistic, pushing Democrats to the defensive in red and purple states. Also Read: Jimmy Kimmel Slams Trump’s ‘MAGA Morons’ Defense In Supreme Court HearingDespite this, Texas and Florida remain challenging prospects for the GOP, the report stated.Friday’s events revealed strategic moves by Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.), head of the Senate GOP campaign, who orchestrated Sheehy’s introduction to Trump and Hogan’s recruitment. Following past recruitment setbacks, Daines has prioritized securing prominent figures and strengthening ties with the former president, the report added.Senate Republicans have held a longstanding belief that Hogan, a well-liked two-term governor who has maintained a distance from Trump, could turn Maryland into a competitive area. Also See: Trump Takes Credit For Collapse Of Bipartisan Border Deal: ‘I Think We Killed It…It’s Dead’Their hopes were realized on Friday, the final day for Hogan to file to run for the Senate, following two unsuccessful recruitment attempts in the 2022 cycle and the previous year, Politico added.Despite numerous attempts by GOP leaders in Montana to deter Rosendale from running for Sen. Jon Tester’s (D-Mont.) seat, they received a favorable outcome on Friday: a Trump endorsement for their favored candidate.However, Maryland’s strong Democratic tilt presents a formidable challenge. Biden carried the state by 33 points in 2020, and it’s Hogan’s first run in a presidential election year.Read Next: Palantir Partners With Bapco Upstream To Support Bahrain’s Energy SectorThis content was partially produced with the help of AI tools and was reviewed and published by Benzinga editors.Photo: Shutterstock

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