What is Programming Language?

def: Writing instructions in a specific sequence is called as programming.

def: instructions written in a specific sequence to perform some specific task.

Types of Computer Languages:

  • High level language (easy for humans to understand but difficult for computer)

          e.g: FORTRAN,COBOL,JAVA,VB

  • Mid level lang—C-lag     
  • Low level Language(easy for computer but difficult for humans)

         e.g: a)Assembly language  b)Binary lang(Machine code) 0,1

Steps of programming:

  •  Analysis
  •  Block Diagram(Flow chart)
  •  Coding
  •  Debugging
  •  Execution


1- High level lang—–>Low level Language
2- Error detection

Types of translator:

1- Compiler
2- Interpreter
3- Assembler

1- Syntax error
2- Logical Error
3- Run time error

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