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Sure, you probably already know how to run a dishwasher. You’ve likely got your own method for loading and unloading, too. But there’s one hack that could make your washing more efficient.

You should run hot water into your sink before starting your dishwasher.

What does your sink’s running water have to do with your dishwasher, though? Well, it’s all about how your dishwasher works. While not every appliance is the same, typically, dishwashers connect to both the hot and cold water pipes. When you start the machine, it takes a moment for the appliance to heat the water to the correct temperature for washing.

When you run hot water into your sink first, you’ll start your appliance on the right track by having hot water already running through the pipes. This will speed up the time it takes your dishwasher to warm the water and shorten its run time.

This trick is particularly useful during the winter. If you haven’t been using your kitchen sink, running the hot water can push out the cold, and for those with water heaters that take a moment to heat up, it’s an even better hack.

The one caveat here is that the recommendation is to simply run hot water. Don’t use that water to pre-rinse dishes. While you might be inclined to pre-rinse, dishwasher detergents are designed to pick up small bits of food debris, grease, and other surface gunk. You’ll just be doing extra work.

The next time you want to run a load of dishes and do so quickly, go ahead and turn on that hot water in your kitchen sink.

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