Windows 8 failure and windows 9 arrival soon…

windows 9 coming soon


After the failure of Microsoft Windows 8 Windows 9 is released next year.It is not hidden from anyone that Windows 8 will not achieve the success which it had been expected,so what the decline can accomplish? Yes, the the release of Windows 9.

Recently, it has been decided that next year, in April, Microsoft will announced in Conference 2014 Windows 9 will be released.The main reason for the failure of the Windows Start menu is considered to be missing. While in Windows 9 Start menu can be found back on its place.Also it is expected that the start menu in Windows 8.1 can be brought back.For which Microsoft will release an update. Not a lot can be said right now about windows 9.However, the growing popularity of Application in the market that the Microsoft Windows 9 keeping to success require more hard work and innovation.

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