WordPress Membership Plugin Free to Use 2016

WordPress Membership Plugin Free to Use

Wordpress Membership Plugin Free to Use


Did you know that you can turn your WordPress site into a membership site? It’s easy when you have access to the best WordPress membership plugin that is free to use. Here are the ones you’ll want to consider using.


#1. Paid Memberships Pro


This plugin works with a number of third-party tools, making it extremely easy to use. You can upgrade to paid options if you want, have access to 40,000 active installs, and give your site unlimited membership levels.


#2. Simple Membership


This might be the best plugin if English isn’t the primary language of your site. About 20 languages are currently supported with more on the way. The plugin itself is easy to use and will allow you to hide all of your content or offer teaser content with a prompt.


#3. WP-Members


This WordPress membership plugin is popular for a reason. You have membership management features in addition to content control. The quick start guide can literally have your site up and running how you want it in just minutes.


#4. Mini Membership


This is the plugin gets the basics done right. It locks your content for non-members so you can get more subscribers, letting you see if your idea has some potential.


#5. s2Member


The advantage of this plugin is that you can customize your membership teases with your visitors. You control the access people have to each page. Instead of a full membership, visitors can choose the post they wish to have unlocked.


With so many WordPress membership plugins free and easy to use, you’ll be able to select the one that works best for your goals. Take a closer look at these 5 outstanding options and you may just find the right way to increase your subscribers today.

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